Welcome to Very Valletta, a new concept for the discerning traveller who wishes to enjoy a 360-degree experience of Malta’s historical capital. We are proud to offer individually curated stays to our guests, a unique approach that brings together food, art, culture, communities, lifestyles and more, crafting truly unique memories. 

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Valletta is Europe’s small capital city with a big heart, and this is exactly how Very Valletta guests experience the lifestyle. We will guide you through iconic landmarks, opening the door to the myriad flavours of Mediterranean culture, people and food. Join us, and uncover the secrets of the city that breathes history and lives contemporary.


Valletta – crafting a curated stay

Travelling has entered a new era, born of the realities we all face today. We’re seeing destinations go through a period of reinvention, and this is exactly what we promise to achieve with Very Valletta, offering you a new interpretation of the destination that we love so much. 

Sustainability, conscious and experiential travel and authenticity are very much at the heart of what we offer. And we aim to achieve this by supporting local businesses and communities, working with carefully handpicked Valletta restaurants, city hotels and collaborators with an identity that fits our concept. Through this approach, travellers live like a local, exploring art, culture, music, history, ancient traditions and nature at their own pace.


Sustainability, conscious and experiential travel and authenticity are very much at the heart of what we offer


A Promise of Sustainability

Most travellers today look for quality destinations where they can live alongside communities with heart and soul. We share this vision, and to this end we are working hard together with government authorities, local councils and the Malta Tourism Authority in order to make this a reality through Very Valletta.

Our aim is to create incentives that support owner-managed businesses, together with hotels, restaurants and venues that buy and serve local produce. To achieve this, we need to see the idea of sustainability as a range of targeted policies that go beyond individual measures. We’re thinking water and waste management, striving for carbon neutrality, bio-architecture, solar energy, traffic management, zero waste concepts, circular product development, behind the scenes practices and supply chains.




Authentic Experiences that Resonate

At Very Valletta, we believe that it’s time to move away from classic destination management and to focus on authentic experiences that resonate on a deeper, emotional level. With this in mind, we aim to offer curated journeys that are more attuned to the needs of the individual traveller.

Ranging from adventure to nature, gastronomy, music, art, mindfulness and more, we want to make sure that our guests will enjoy a stay that inspires them towards a path of self-discovery. Different people are passionate about different things, so whether it’s diving, open-air yoga, or sipping wine under the stars that gets you excited, Very Valletta makes it happen.


Forging Genuine Connections

At Very Valletta, we pride ourselves on the genuine and strong connections that we have forged within the community. We have achieved this through good, old-fashioned personal contact, by meeting people with a story to tell and an experience to share. These connections have allowed us to create the ultimate, passion-led, local travel experience, collaborating with local chefs, fishermen, farmers, designers, vintners and artists to offer authentic activities that point to a new ethos in travel.