Casino Maltese

247, Republic Street, Valletta

The exclusive Casino Maltese is housed within a magnificent building, used as a treasury by the Knights of St. John in the 16th century. Today, this club has transformed the building giving it a new lease of life, and offers various grand halls on the first floor, available for weddings and corporate events depending on the number of guests and set up required. These include the President Room, a large hall adorned with antique paintings; the prestigious Ballroom with its beautiful parquet flooring, a curved balcony and Murano Chandeliers; as well as the smaller Princess Room named after Queen Elizabeth II’s visit to the club while she was still a princess.


Round Tables of 10 pax. each: 180 pax.
Long Tables: 210 pax.
Standing: 300 pax.

President’s Room:
Round Tables of 10 pax. each: 120 pax.
Long Tables: 180 pax.
Standing: 280 pax.

Princess Room:

Round Tables of 10 pax. each: 50 pax.
Long Tables: 60 pax.
Standing: 80 pax.

Dining Room:

Round Tables of 10 pax. each: 140 pax.
Long Tables: 140 pax.
Standing: 200 pax.


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