Many meeting and event venues tout themselves as unique, but what is it about a space that truly earns it that distinction? For many venues, it’s not only about offering well-designed spaces that can elegantly convey a sense of time and place, but also about having the flexibility to accommodate whatever idea a planner dreams up.

Take the Valletta Mediterranean Conference Centre, which beyond traditional meetings and a magnificent convention centre with several spaces, offers awesome banquet venues. Tailored to groups, it can be easily branded, with pre-function spaces with pop-up bars, and a flexible performance space stocked with all of the audio-visual facilities with enough space to play around, and far from boring.

For special events we have personally put together a unique selection of forts, palazzos, museums, art galleries, open air gardens, rooftops and courtyards offer built-in entertainment and pre-themed settings - perfect for tighter budgets. For example, at the Archaeological Museum, with its internal architecture and sprawling exhibits, creates a dramatic backdrop that eliminates the need for extra embellishment. And striking up a conversation at a networking event suddenly seems much easier when you’re surrounded by unique ice-breakers, such as the statue of a fertility goddess or an elongated skull.

Attractions can also be more responsive to the needs of events, allowing meeting planners more options to surprise their attendees with an unexpected setting. For example, St James Cavalier, the millennium project in Malta, has many spaces that can be used for strategy workshops, team building exercises and the rooftop can double up as an open-air location for yoga.

Very Valletta works closely with organisations like Heritage Malta which manage unique historical venues in enchanting locations that will undoubtedly impress your guests. We also have agreements with many different and special venues that would certainly surprise your audience.

Contact us for a bespoke proposal and let us know how just how different and daring you’d like our offering to be.

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