Valletta is the capital city of Malta, well known for its high concentration of attractions, museums and points of interest. The amazing historic places combined with the breathtaking landscape make the best destination for your trip.

At some point after sightseeing you’ll certainly get hungry, but finding good vegan food corners usually is not an easy thing. That is why we have made it easy for you and gathered a list with great places where you can get plant-based meals in Valletta.

Soul Food Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurant 

The restaurant can be found behind the Grand Master’s Palace, and it is an amazing spot if you love dining out.

The concept of “soul food” comes from the idea that food significantly affects our lives. Good food brings balance and harmony to our being. That is why they say that in this diner food, soul and wellbeing collide.

The food is freshly prepared with carefully picked ingredients, it has a diverse menu that is specially catered for vegetarians, vegans, and people with food intolerances. Whether you want to try one of the handmade burgers or pasta, or you just want to enjoy a refreshing smoothie, this place has you covered.


An amazing place if you are looking for a quick healthy snack for lunch or as a takeaway alternative for a relaxing evening at home. They have a menu rich in sustainably sourced, nutritious, and seasonally appropriate foods such as wraps, salads, warm bowls but also fresh juices and smoothies that go perfectly with your meal.

Eeetwell have such healthy options in their menu that taste as amazing as they look like. Additionally, you can find the calories for each one of their meals or refreshments, if you follow your diet more carefully.

Check their vegan and vegetarian meals online or simply make a request to keep  you meal plant-based upon the order.


Are you a salad lover? Then NO.43 is the right place for you. The restaurant is located in the historic center of Valletta, and has an amazing salad selection and vegan options freshly served at reasonable prices.

The fresh food doesn’t just fill your stomach, but your eyes and soul too. They are well-known for their diverse and colorful salad buffet. They have salads based on cold pasta, noodles, rice, quinoa and many more options, including the only veggie ones.

Besides the cozy atmosphere and outstanding food, the customer service is extraordinary by having a well-mannered and open-minded staff.

Just ask and they will make the salad according to your liking, which you can enjoy with one of their special cocktails, perfect for a hot summer day.

ĠUGAR – Hangout & Bar

If you are looking for a small, relaxed place to hang out with your friends, this might be the perfect match. This place atmosphere is laidback and cozy due to its interior design that really stands out when entering the bar.

It is located in a less crowded area of Valletta. It has nice and alternative décor, welcoming stuff and, most importantly, a wide range of vegan and vegetarian options that will easily make it one of your favorite vegan spots to eat and relax.

Naan Bar

While you visit Valletta, Naan Bar, an Indian restaurant and cocktail bar it is worth checking it out for a unique experience. On the ground floor of the restaurant, you can enjoy exotic India-inspired cocktails, while on the lower level the dining room offers an intimate and unique gastronomic adventure.

If you love discovering diverse cultures and trying new dishes, Naan Bar chefs will surprise you by putting a modern twist on the nostalgic Indian meals while still honoring the age-old traditions.

The restaurant has a large window where you can see how your food is prepared – a charming concept that adds to your dining experience.

While the menu is diverse, vegan and vegetarian friendly options are not left out. Palak paneer, garlic naan and jeera rice are a must have together with gluten free options like aloo tikki and nimona spiced with delicately picked condiments.


For Japanese inspired meals, Aki is a Japanese restaurant and lounge bar located in the heart of Valletta. Their meals are crafted with care and flavor combinations to suit current tastes.

An amazing and modern spot for dining out, sipping on a drink, where the music and sophisticated setting provide the ideal atmosphere to unwind and start your evening.

Their vegan-friendly options are tasty and varied. The food is fresh and is beautifully presented for the customers, and you are more than cared for with their staff. If you want to eat delicious and with class this is the place to go.

The Submarine

An amazing place to grab a sandwich on the go, perfect for lunch, when visiting Valletta is The Submarine.

They have a delicious ciabatta bread that you won’t forget and a wide variety of options, including vegan and vegetarian ones. You can make sandwiches to your liking with a wide selection of ingredients, all above top quality.

The sandwiches are made with fresh local products, perfect for a healthy and at the same time tasty snack. Enjoy your takeaway lunch on a bench with your friends while admiring the beautiful sights of the city.


Now that you have enough options for savory meals, it is time for dessert. Theobroma uses high-end vegan ingredients such as organic coconut sugar, organic cacao and organic cacao butter, and also superfoods like goji berries and maca that have healing properties.

Serving vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar-free delicacies, they combine tasty, organic and raw best quality ingredients all together, made with love and passion.

This can be an ideal afternoon treat to munch on while exploring Valletta’s streets. If you are also looking for a coffee spot with vegan milk alternatives, they serve both homemade almond and cashew milk that goes perfect with your warm drink.

We hope that eating vegan in Valletta will now be easier during  your travels. Make sure to follow us on social media for more healthy and delicious food places in Malta. Bon appétit!