Michelin Guide dining in the Heart of Valletta

A veritable foodie haven, Valletta is now firmly established as one of the top culinary capitals of Europe, with a well-curated selection of restaurants that form part of the Michelin-star family, or that have earned themselves a prestigious place on the legendary Michelin guide.

Foodies will especially appreciate the diverse flavours that are present in the Maltese capital, with an impeccable collection of fine restaurants and casual eateries that reflect Malta’s cultural heritage. 

The food tradition has always been strong across Malta and, in particular, in the port city that is Valletta, with the different cultures that made it their home through different periods of time also bestowing us with their flavours and dishes. Today, the restaurant scene in Valletta is incredibly diverse, showcasing both the traditional Maltese cuisine and others from across the world. 

Eclectic Flavours at Valletta Michelin Restaurants 

At Very Valletta we are happy to point you in the direction of the best culinary experiences, creating a foodie itinerary based on your preferences. The fine dining circuit takes you on a journey that can span the furthest corners of Japan, the sun-kissed shores of Sicily, the verdant fields in France on to our very own traditional Maltese cuisine with a modern twist. The capital attracts some very talented chefs whose flair has graced the best restaurants in Europe.

At Very Valletta we are happy to point you in the direction of the best culinary experiences, creating a foodie itinerary based on your preferences

Valletta’s top restaurant stars

At the time of writing, Valletta boasts three restaurants with one Michelin Star. These are Noni, UnderGrain and Ion – The Harbour. All three restaurants have very different culinary styles, offering completely different experiences and ambiance. Noni focuses on Maltese ingredients, creating dishes based on traditional recipes with a contemporary edge. UnderGrain Restaurant is inspired by classical French cuisine, while ION – The Harbour boasts one of the most spectacular views of Grand Harbour and an equally spectacular menu.

The rest of the Valletta constellation

The vast majority of Valletta restaurants boast a superb standard, and this applies both to the fine dining restaurants and the more casual eateries. Testament to this is the number of restaurants that may not have received a Michelin star, but still rated a mention on the guide. 

Grain Street (part of the same collection as the above-mentioned UnderGrain) and Rubino are the proud holders of a Bib Gourmand, which denotes good quality and good value. The Asian-influenced AKI, with its Soho vibe, was also deemed worthy of a mention on the Michelin Guide. 

Apart from these gorgeous culinary experiences, you will also be spoilt for choice in terms of more casual dining. The Italian influence is still very much present in the capital, with various pizzerie offering the authentic Roman and Neapolitan pizza experiences. There is also a big pasta culture, while the tapas and sharing trend is also taking strong hold, offering foodies a serious 360-degree experience of world flavours.