The capital city of Valletta charms with its narrow streets and baroque architecture, inspiring visitors with its spirit of authenticity. At Very Valletta, we take your love affair with the mediaeval city beyond its chequered history, working with a community of artisans, artists and residents, who all create just the right vibe for those who are seeking a very particular stay even beyond the fortifications of the city.

Discerning travelers nowadays put a high value on experiential travel and on engaging with their destination in such a way as to create memories that are unique to them. Authenticity is our pride and we delight in delivering an experiential itinerary that helps our clients enjoy the unique destinations Malta offers just like a local.

In this spirit of authenticity, we will help you discover locations outside Valletta, like The Three Cities. A short and picturesque ferry trip from Ta’ Liesse (located next to the lower entrance of the Upper Barrakka Lift) across Grand Harbour will drop you a short walking distance away from the three fortified cities of Cospicua, Vittoriosa and Senglea, ready to enjoy the beauty within.


The Three Cities – a walk steeped in history


Collaborating with local suppliers and artisans, Very Valletta will create a tailor-made itinerary based on your choice of experiences, which can include anything from history to art, food, wine and outdoor activities. We suggest that you make Cospicua your first stop – although built by the Order of St John in the 17th century, the area was already inhabited during Megalithic times. Today it is dominated by the shipping dockyard, and the thriving community of workers has shaped the city’s character into something unique. The city is very welcoming to travellers, and many locals have maintained the habit of keeping their front door open in this safest of locations, and they’re very used to tourists taking a peek into their traditional way of life.


A short walk from Cospicua towards the tip of the peninsula will find you in Senglea and its delightful Gardjola Gardens, which command views of all the Three Cities all the way to Valletta. The gardens offer a veritable walk through history and are a favourite hang-out spot with locals, who are usually very happy to chat about their beloved city’s most important landmark. Fun fact – locally, the city is often referred to as Citta Invicta, Latin for ‘unconquered’ after it resisted an attack by the Ottoman Empire during the Great Siege of 1565.


Leaving Senglea behind you, a leisurely stroll by the waterfront takes you across the pedestrian bridges to Vittoriosa, arguably the most popular (not to mention the biggest) of the three cities. Vittoriosa is where history and architecture meet good food and local wine, with the city offering a number of restaurants, wine-bars and tiny eateries dotting the yacht marina.


Our itinerary allows you enough time to meander around the quiet streets, breathing in the lifestyle and enjoying the sheer sense of tranquility of the city. There is also time to experience some of the most beautiful museums on the island, starting with the Inquisitor’s Palace. Built in the style of a Roman palazzo, the building takes you through some of Malta’s darkest histories, while also showcasing the period of French and British rule.


Finally, it’s time to enjoy some good conversation over a glass of local wine, exchanging your thoughts about the day’s activities. Vittoriosa is home to a number of high-end restaurants that specialize in Maltese food, with Tal-Petut in-house recipes making it one of the most popular. Here, you can truly savour the legacy of the different cultures that ruled the Islands, each leaving a taste of their food and culture, creating a glorious fusion of Mediterranean and Arabic cuisines.