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It is time to move away from classic destination management towards offering authentic destination experiences that resonate on a deeper emotional level – journeys that are more adventurous, sustainable and personalised, and that are more attuned to local culture, inspiring guests towards a path of self-discovery. Allow us to present to you our very own Valletta “insider knowledge” that will inspire you to experience and explore Valletta in a meaningful and low impact way.


When I was asked to choose a location in Valletta for this photograph, I could not help but choose South Street. My family’s offices have been located there since 1951, in a five-floor building at 66/67 South Street, Valletta, close to Republic Street (formerly Kingsway). Originally this building was the Great Britain Hotel. I spent a lot of my childhood with my father and grandfather in this office and I knew every nook and cranny of the neigbourhood. This is my safe space, and it brings a flood of beautiful memories; my favourite café called Prego (unfortunately closed at moment and waiting for a reawakening) where I used to have tea with condensed milk (a Maltese quirk) and a toasted ham and cheese sandwich, the toy shop just up the road (still there) and close to other outlets that used to enthrall me as a kid.

Today, several decades later, I find myself here, as a co-founder of Very Valletta happy to divulge my “insider” tips to our guests who choose us to carefully curate their stay in this magnificent city. My long years in the luxury tourism sector has given me access to many useful contacts that will help me present to you an authentic and fun experience. We have sustainability at heart, and you will feel this throughout our crafted programs.


Someone once told me that you need to walk through Valletta with your head held high and your eyes looking up to really appreciate the architecture of the city: and I couldn’t agree more. Nevertheless, Valletta is not just a collection of beautiful and ornately decorated buildings, but the city is an act of love to practical, yet beautiful, and delightful, urban design. Our capital city may be Europe’s smallest capital, but it still offers all what other much larger cities offer, and possibly more.

Valletta can boast of top-quality museums, art galleries, lovely unique hotels, open piazzas, a wide array of restaurants, traditional and modern bars, authentic shops, and a thriving social life of the residents who are lucky to reside in this exceptional city. Valletta is not only beautiful, but it also has a soul and you cannot not feel it when wandering through the streets and narrow alleys, after you walk by the Three Tritons fountain and enter the city through City Gate. I’ve lived and worked in continental Europe for over twenty years and I have visited numerous lovely cities around the continent, but to me nothing comes close to the excitement and sense of contentment I get whenever I walk through the streets of Valletta.


As a young girl, the quiet streets of Valletta were my playground. I read adventure stories nestled in the shade of the trees at the Upper Barrakka Gardens. I played hide and seek among the ruins of the Old Opera House. I attended weekly mass with Caravaggio’s The Beheading of St John the Baptist watching over me, surrounded by the masterpieces at St John’s Co-Cathedral. And on Sundays, my grandfather would treat me to a pastry from the iconic Cordina’s Cafe.

A childhood lived in Malta’s capital is a childhood like no other, and I gathered an appreciation for the Baroque architecture, the gorgeous palazzos and other artistic treasures from an early age.

As an adult, I find myself no less inspired by this city, a UNESCO World Heritage site that vibrates with life. It came as no surprise to anyone that the first book I published was, precisely, a collection of stories about Valletta. Today I rejoice, seeing travellers fall in love with our Capital in the same way I did. As a writer and journalist, this is why I’m proud to be part of Very Valletta, a concept that opens up my beloved city to those who can appreciate it in a sustainable manner, mindful of the local communities, while supporting smaller local businesses that are the lifeline of the city.


Since my teenage years, Valletta was always a source of inspiration and a go-to destination for feel good vibes. The architecture, the buzzing streets, the fine dining eateries, the rich history and the ‘city lifestyle’ fit in perfectly with my way of life. Contributing my tech background and experience working around Europe, to bring a virtual city experience is of great satisfaction. Technology was definitely put to great use to give visitors a glimpse of what the city has to offer. The roadmap of features is endless, which makes this project a living online hub to everything Valletta.


I am Swedish, and I have been living in Malta for the last 8 years. I am convinced that Valletta is an undiscovered gem. With its rich cultural history, unique charm, and vibrant restaurant scene, it is the perfect destination for an authentic experience. My intention is to use my 15-year experience in hospitality to present Valletta to the Nordic region.

I am passionate about taking care of my health, mind, and spirit. I believe that when I feel good about myself, this will also have a positive effect on the people that I meet. I love starting the day, with a long walk in Valletta followed by a stop at my favourite coffee shop Caffe Berry, that has one of the best pistachio cappuccinos.

One of my favourite places to relax, and where I love to pamper myself is AMIS Day and Spa, located in the heart of Valletta.


Set in the middle of the Mediterranean, Valletta is one of Europe’s great architectural showpieces. It is in fact the first World Heritage City in Europe to be declared European Capital of Culture. I love to try new restaurants and Valletta is the new Gastronomic hotspot on the island, so I am often here discovering new eateries. Any local will tell you that the place to be on a Friday night is sitting on the stone steps of Bridge Bar off St. Ursula Street. Music lovers will come to hear live jazz while sipping a glass of wine under the moon or candlelight with their friends. Every year The Jazz Festival is held in July by the Ta’ Liesse bastions facing magnificent views of Fort St Angelo and The Three Cities. Lower Barrakka gardens are just a few meters away, where I enjoy reading a book in the shade overlooking the Grand Harbour.


Valletta has always had a special significance in my life. Being my father’s hometown, I was brought up hearing stories of what it was like growing up in our capital city, vibrant and full of character. As the project leader of Very Valletta I wish to give our visitors an experience which incapsulates Valletta’s authentic local life and culture. In addition, Valletta offer’s outstanding boutique hotels, restaurants of all cuisine, architectural marvels, museums and local shops. Being a dancer since the age of 6, my artistic side draws me to the beautiful theatres of Valletta as well as the yearly art and dance festivals showcasing both local and international talent across all areas of the city. When asked to choose my favourite spot in Valletta I find it hard the choose just one, as every street tells a different story. Two very special locations for me are, the beginning of St Christopher’s Street where my father grew up and St Barbara Bastion, where I often feel most calm admiring the stunning views of the Grand Harbour.


For me Valletta is like a photo album filled with a collection of photographs capturing joyful memories that are cherished dearly. As a young girl, I remember spending quality time with my family, especially with my dad, on Sundays roaming and exploring the quaint streets in search for new eateries. Our typical Sunday would consist of a mass at the St. John’s Co-Cathedral – which ignited my love for the arts, architecture, and culture, followed by a nice lunch at any restaurant we discover. Valletta today offers the same allure that it did when I was still a child. The pages of the city‘s photo album are still turning offering new memories, new opportunities, and most of all a tasteful morsel of what the Maltese islands are really all about.


Valletta is a unique and trendy city as it encapsulates history, amazing architecture, gardens, old and new buildings, cafes, gorgeous boutique hotels and much more all in one place. My Family’s offices have been situated in Valletta from the very beginning, and so, I am quite familiar with Valletta, it is like my second home. Valletta will always surprise you, when you think you have seen it all, you will come across something new to discover and explore. My favourite spots in Valletta are the Upper and Lower Barrakka Gardens, as they offer a spectacular panoramic view of the Grand Harbour while being surrounded by greenery and tranquillity.