Sustainable Meetings


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed what we thought we knew, and the crisis has underlined the need for innovative and creative thinking in rebuilding and rethinking tourism. This inspired us to create a community of service providers and partners, key to the initiative as they, together with us, need to transform, educate, learn, and discuss issues so that together we can make the difference. We also support artisans and small local businesses.

Our Very Valletta concept was inspired by the very essence of the Sovereign Military Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Rhodes, and Malta, mercifully shortened to KMOM (or Knights of Malta). The Knights, who originated from eight different regions in Europe, stayed in Auberges which were pretty much their accommodation (on full board) whilst they performed their religious and military duties in and around Valletta to protect and defend Europe.

Today, these Auberges have been transformed into museums or government offices, including the Office of the Prime Minister at Auberge de Castille. Beyond accommodation we have also created lists of our favourite restaurants, quirky venues, roof-tops, unusual meeting rooms, open spaces, yoga spots, cafés, bars and activities. The idea is that we will stitch together a program that engages with the local community and, as much as possible, supports local businesses. Our concept also endeavours to reduce our dependence on fuel-powered vehicles. Valletta is predominantly pedestrianised and follows a grid-like design, making it easy and very pleasant to get around on foot.

With the Maltese Islands being Europe’s sunniest meeting destination in winter, Valletta beckons to incorporate outdoor elements in an urban setting. Demand is growing for gatherings and venues to appeal to all the senses. There is more to an effective meeting than meets the eye – there’s also what meets all the other senses. And the best way to do this is to take the meeting outdoors.

By encouraging attendees to get out of the traditional boardroom, meetings planners can find easy and fun ways to engage their groups and create a setting that builds lasting connections among your attendees. Sometimes a small change in setting is all it takes to make a big difference to the event. We are utmost believers in doing things differently, with an eye for detail.  By choosing outdoor events, we choose to infuse ‘light space’ – in other words, a natural setting with elements like fresh air, sunlight, trees and running water. These types of spaces are perfect for groups to spur creativity and re-energize, helping to increase the success of the gathering.

As sustainability is now an essential component of any event, we promote ‘farm-to-table’ experiences with some of Malta’s most talented chefs with whom we create outdoor culinary experiences in awesome locations.

Planners are finding authenticity and cultural enlightenment to be goals of every gathering. When a group experiences something memorable together, the camaraderie created can be very powerful. The best networking happens when the group is doing something new and unusual together. Very Valletta infuses unique cultural experiences into the social program, to create organic bonding between delegates. Attendees want to be entertained, engaged, and inspired.

With many meeting venues within walking-distance of boutique hotels in Valletta as well as restaurants, cafés and attractions, planners benefit from a pedestrian-friendly meeting district. Having attendees close to the meeting site fosters interaction and saves on transportation. Underscoring our ‘green credentials’, there will be little need for cars and coaches, since there is plenty to do and see around the meeting venue.

In addition to the above, we have partnered with NGOs like Friends of the Earth, Birdlife and Nature Trust to bring to the table some very green locations that are seldom chosen because of their remoteness, ironically on an island of only 350 square kilometres. We have developed several concepts that immerse you in the inspiring beauty of mother nature.

Conferences & Incentives

Very Valletta is a new concept and brand, born out of our desire to be a pioneer in taking local tourism to a different direction and to anticipate trends before they actually become trends.

I will let you into my background, to give you some insight of the experience and knowledge that have informed the Very Valletta concept. I have been active in the tourism industry in various roles since 1986. I have seen Malta change and with it, the local infrastructure with new hotels, lately many boutique hotels, venues, and restaurants. You can say that I have seen it all from all angles: hotels, restaurants, and destination management. I am particularly proud of Very Valletta and I firmly believe we are opening a new direction for destination management and experiential travel. We are innovators and utterly convinced that we are going to learn and strongly improve in the future with this approach. We provide the ultimate Valletta experience as only an insider knows, rather than trying to be everything to everyone. This is because we believe it is more than just destination management. Knowing your reliable suppliers so well that you get the best from them, to consistently create special events and experiences, is a big part of our formula.

The persons behind Very Valletta, the destination experts, are the creatives, the logistic experts all of whom come together to create your proposal and then execute it to perfection. We will provide clear programs with detailed explanations which translate into a seamless performance to the end-client. Something they can feel from the moment they land at the airport till their departure. Frequently, a few hours after we start our site inspections, clients are impressed by our quiet efficiency and performance, our punctuality but comfortable pace, hallmarks of a a long-time and trusted partner. It is something transformational, and we love the resonance.

We endeavour to give our programs a magic touch that wows our guests. Another important aspect is our attention to food and beverage, making sure that we choose only fresh, local and in season, to highlight our Mediterranean terroir at its best, whether it is street food or haute cuisine.

We have held the MTA quality assurance certificate since inception (2009), which continues to demonstrate our passion and commitment to keep the bar high, never cutting corners. But that is not just it; we have gone further by introducing safety management systems, a higher than required ground operator insurance and currently undergoing a course in sustainability leading towards certification. These are things that matter because when you buy a service, you expect the best as standard with the least impact on people and planet.

We also want to draw attention to Maltese know-how and to show our maturity by selecting the best, most reliable and sustainable suppliers and venues with style. We are obsessed with detail. We choose to work in a different way. We moved away from the traditional codes, and we took inspirations from 7 different universes, or inspirations, as we call them:

  • Trademark (will enable guests to experience the destination on their terms)
  • Curio (discover what is inside – be intrigued by our insider tips),
  • Tapestry (never ordinary, guests will be able to experience a collection of local experiences),
  • Unbound (experiences that guests will take with them long after their stay),
  • Luxury (unique hotels and venues and experiences that touch the spirits and enrich lives),
  • Autograph (we create unique bespoke programs which reflect your company’s personality),
  • Celebration (lots of dining and fun options)

The basic idea is that all the inspirations will allow the client to identify themselves and to find the experience entirely relatable. Call it customisation!

We have an ambition. We want Very Valletta to become the destination management brand which personifies traditional, yet modern Maltese knowhow and hospitality in offering an exceptional service. A brand that provides clients with outstanding experiences. innovation and knowhow with a Maltese signature. A combination of avant-garde and refinement with a good dose of authenticity that only Very Valletta can deliver. Very Valletta personifies Maltese excellence. It is the result of work, rigour, and passion. Years of intense work for all the team. VV has something in its soul: details, tiny details that come together to make your stay unique.

Magic Moments. Refinement. Our welcome. Our brand signature: the love for beauty, we work on selecting the best hotels, venues, restaurants, events happening in and around Valletta, fruit and vegetables and herbs in season, and fish that is sustainably caught in season. Integrating all this in a seamless design which is organized by a team of local experts.

Our ambition is to become your reliable partner. Someone with whom you can freely share your thoughts and desires in a relaxed way and watch your vision come to light.

The best certification are our happy clients: we will be happy to provide you with a reference list.

We are decisively opening a new way setting a strong footprint with our ultimate experience, sustainability and innovation, offering only top suppliers and exceptional delivery. Inspired by the nature around us and delivered with savoir faire.

Discover the ‘next normal’ experiential travel experience with Very Valletta.