Sustainability Policy

1. Training & Education

  • Very Valletta will do a set of training through multiple avenues to ensure the internal teams are walking the talk, and also can act as ambassadors for sustainability with clients and guests alike.
  • Full training to support the implementation of the strategy and policy will be undertaken with Global Green Events Ltd.
  • To gain further credibility and training and support, Very Valletta will embark on the full Travelife certification process. From basic training through to full certification. This will be guided by Gayle Murphy, the company sustainability consultant.
  • An in-house Sustainability coordinator has been designated to take forward and ensure all actions are undertaken and data is recorded as necessary.
  • Training will be undertaken by Very Valletta to learn about carbon foot printing as a mean to monitor and record impact, this will enable an annual tracking report to be undertaken.
  • Ongoing training on sustainability practices and up to date offerings in the sustainability field will keep the internal team as well as guests and clients, benefiting from the most up to date methodologies and solutions available.
  • This education and training will then be extended out into the supply chain, among guests and clients, to initiate and inspire change throughout the value chain.

2. Internal Management 

  • Our employees are our most valuable asset when it comes to giving our customers unforgettable travel experiences. As a result, we uphold an open human resource policy that ensures: total legal compliance, a comfortable, safe, and secure environment. a fair agreement with reasonable payment conditions. Participating in the planning of sustainability inclusiveness and equal opportunity for all employees, particularly in terms of compensation, promotions, benefit distribution, and opportunities for professional growth. Initiatives for professional development that are both work- and career-related are supported. We guarantee that all of our employees and contractors will be paid fairly and equally for comparable work that is of equal value, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, color, national origin, marital status, age, or religion.
  • We are committed to fostering a work environment and culture that is secure, healthy, and welcoming and in which every person can carry out their duties and reach their full potential. We are committed to establishing a zero-tolerance policy for acts of bribery, corruption, discrimination, forced labor, human trafficking, and other violations of children’s rights. We also count on this commitment from all partners and suppliers. Every employee has the right to join any union of their choice and express their opinions.
  • In addition, we specify that we only employ those who are at least 18 years old.

3. Overall Environment

  • Transportation in terms of vehicle type usage will be a focus, using electric cars and vehicles wherever possible, using alternative fuels and considering trip lengths encouraging walking and bicycling and other forms of transport as a primary choice.
  • Marine based activities will have a focus on utilising sustainable options such as sailing as opposed to power boat experiences.
  • Glass bottles only will be used for private events, reusable water bottles will be offered to every client where and as possible. This will be partnered with a focus on a reduction of use of single use plastic bottles on events wherever possible.
  • An internal sustainability policy will guide behaviour in the offices, with guidance on how to deal with materials and systems in the most efficient way, including carbon awareness, waste reduction and management, and plastic reduction.
  • Paper use will be reduced across the board with digital alternatives utilised both in house and on site. Tickets and tour descriptions will be sent electronically to clients, or utilising apps, and signage will be created to be reused per each tourism season.
  • Carbon Foot printing will be monitored annually. Firstly, training and education will be invested in and ways to offset will be explored.
  • Tourism impacts will be navigated by restructuring the approach to group events, staggering, and separating groups in different locations.
  • More plants in the office will create a healthier and wellness focused environment within the office.
  • Programmes and event schedules will be drawn up considering environmental impacts, with local activities and venues prioritised where possible.

4. Procurement Practices & Supplier Assessment / Local Communities 

  • Menus and catering suppliers will be centred around sourcing local, fresh and in season: fruit and vegetables, fish, poultry & meat.
  • Locally sourced items will be prioritised throughout the whole procurement process, supporting smaller traditional businesses over multinationals wherever possible.
  • Select accommodation and hotels that are “green” as a priority where possible, that have their own sustainability policies and are close to the activity (e.g., port, conference centre).
  • Principals will be asked to back large project proposals to our local communities, giving back to the local communities through our contacts. Very Valletta will encourage the supply chain to do the same.
  • Very Valletta aims to contribute to the local wealth and economic development of the destination by partnering with locally owned and operated business with particular emphasis on small businesses.
  • Overall supplier assessments will take place, with a preferred supplier list being created based on their sustainability, both environmentally and socially, and considering their values. Preference to GSTC recognized partners and suppliers will be given.
  • Annual donations will be made to local organisations in need, such as Inspire.
  • Very Valletta will seek to ensure that all suppliers are compliant with the Laws of Malta which criminalize child labour and sexual exploitation.
  • The supplier condemns the exploitation of children at the premises and facilities of subcontracted accommodations. Very Valletta will terminate the contract, if the supplier does not take adequate measures to prevent and/or stop the sexual exploitation of children within the direct supply chain (e.g., accommodations and excursions).
  • The business does not contract accommodations, directly nor indirectly that are involved in compulsory labour, or that employ children to complete work that is normally undertaken by adults. There are special working times and conditions for children (< 14 years old) working within the business, in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Childand/or the ILO convention 138. These conditions are mentioned in the contract with the accommodation.

5. Market presence & Marketing communications

  • Very Valletta will begin to communicate externally regarding the goal to start reducing impacts, and that they are actively working towards sustainability with a holistic strategy and policy. This will be used as a tool to instigate change in the market and to encourage others to also take bold steps.
  • Working with clients, Very Valletta will promote carbon awareness and carbon offsetting as part of quotations.
  • The Travelife certification process will be embarked on in 2022 and will be worked through step by step. This will communicate Very Valletta’s status as a sustainable company that takes education and progression in this seriously and in a structured way.
  • Social media presence will begin, especially on related cruise portals, creating awareness around becoming a sustainable company/offering sustainable tours & experiences
  • Very Valletta will check on what their principals do with respect to sustainability and carbon footprint, and join or contribute to same initiatives, working collaboratively to create positive impacts and create a stronger relationship with principals.

6. Products & Services

  • Systems will be assessed for impacts. A new ticketing system will be implemented utilising a ticket application, that guests use before boarding the coaches.
  • When offering services or products, Very Valletta commits to being selective in ensuring that suppliers reflect their values.
  • As an individual sustainability initiative Very Valletta have designed a new product, the “Picnic Pallet”. This is a hand built, upcycled picnic set up created for sustainable picnics out in nature (like Ponant has for 2023 in Gozo).
  • To promote connection to nature, Very Valletta will Propose more “Dining in Awesome Locations” to allow guests to be immersed in natural experiences.
  • Very Valletta will begin to offer the new activity, “Recycling & Upcycling Workshops” to clients, and will continue to come up with new sustainable activities that educate and inspire the guests sustainably.
  • Service and product options will be enhanced by increasing collaboration with local NGOs like FoE, Birdlife, Nature Trust and non-NGOs like Dreams of Horses in Gozo. This will create an innovative portfolio of activities for clients as well as ensuring local organisations truly benefit from tourism.
  • Wildlife species are not harvested, consumed, displayed, sold, or traded, except as part of a regulated activity that ensures that their utilization is sustainable and in compliance with local, national and international law. The supplier does not promote souvenirs or food that contain threatened flora and fauna species as indicated in the CITES treaty and the IUCN ‘Red List’. Should any such criminal behavior come to light, [the company] reserves the right to terminate the contract without notice.
  • Excursions and attractions in which captive wildlife is held are not offered, except for activities that are properly regulated and are in compliance with local, national, and international laws. Excursions that include interactions with wildlife, comply with relevant codes of conduct. Any disturbance of natural ecosystems is minimized.
  • We do not allow the purchase of souvenirs containing threatened flora and fauna species, any illegally obtained historic/archaeological artefacts, drugs or illegal substances, and abide by local and international laws in place to prevent this.
  • Preference is given to excursions that operate on the basis of controlled sustainability standards, particularly those that demonstrate respect to local traditions, animal welfare, and the environment. Contracted companies do not offer products or services that harm humans, animals, plants, natural resources (e.g., water/energy), nor does they offer products that may be considered socially/culturally unacceptable. Its products and services provide economic benefits to local communities, including a fair and equitable working environment for local employees. The contracted company does not offer activities where captive wildlife is held, except for properly regulated activities in compliance with local, national, and international law. Excursions, which include interactions with wildlife, comply with relevant codes of conduct. Any disturbance of natural ecosystems is minimized.


7. Local Communities

  • Very Valletta aims to have a focus on supporting local communities, by promoting local artisans and helping local artists and local start-up companies to offer their services to guests. Limiting the use of chain suppliers and sourcing product and services locally, wherever possible.
  • The secondary focus is regarding reducing and minimising impacts on local communities through group activities and locations. Keeping in mind the impact on the local community prior to offering a service and including the community at the planning stage. Respecting the communities in which it operates, whilst giving them the opportunity to directly benefit from our economic activity.
  • If a contracted accommodation has been found to jeopardise the integrity of and the local community’s access to essential resources, essential services, access to livelihood, and access to important sites, Very Valletta reserves the right to terminate the contract without warning.


Very Valletta has an overall aim of positively impacting Malta as a sustainable destination, focusing on the two destinations Valletta and Gozo. Supporting them to become two of the most sustainable destinations through innovation and operational approach.