Supporting Artisans & Small Businesses

From a famous record shop to the hippest boutique, we share the names of our favorite places for unique gifts around the Maltese Islands.

1. Stephen Cordina Aromatherapy

Gozitan perfumer Stephen Cordina is renowned for his collection of scents and for his luxury range of candles, diffusers, room sprays and toiletries. All of Stephen’s fragrances are made in Malta and hand-crafted, reflecting his attention to detail and respect for his thoroughly-researched products. Inspired by ancient Phoenician materials which used to pass through Malta and his own childhood memories of visits to the Maltese capital with his mother, Stephen has launched The Valletta Scent – The Malta Independent

KBIC 1120 Kordin Industrial Estate, Paola, PLA 3000

2. Stephanie Borg Collections

Stephanie Borg is a self-taught artist and surface pattern designer from Malta. Her life experiences, traveling frequently out of Malta, allowed her to mature artistically and to change her outlook and her style of painting. These varied landscapes changed Stephanie’s artistic leanings; the many open spaces and voids of her adoptive homes gave her art a strong sense of freedom as she explored environments that seemed to have no limits. -Malta Inside Out

33, Santa Katarina Street, Rabat, RBT 2462, Malta

3. Tettiera

Inspired by the Maltese generations of old, the tea leaves of Tettiera™are carefully sourced from tea plantations around the world, and are inspired by local flavours such as the Maltese Carob. The brand name is also derived from the Maltese word for ‘teapot’ – tettiera –

33, Santa Katarina Street, Rabat, RBT 2462, Malta

4. Charles & Ron

Charles & Ron is a contemporary lifestyle brand, high-end wearable clothing and bags with a distinct Mediterranean flair and a dedication to superior quality. Maltese culture is an integral part of the Charles & Ron design ethic and the brand’s vision is, to inspire its clients to be part of the instantly recognizable Charles & Ron Mediterranean lifestyle –

58, D Republic Street, Valletta, Malta

5. D’Amato Record Shop

Standing proudly as the first shop of its kind in Malta, Anthony D’Amato is one of the few remaining record shops in the country that caters for music and film enthusiasts who prefer the experience of browsing for tangible physical media in a real shop to buying through the internet –The Malta Independent

98, Triq San Gwann, Il-Belt Valletta

6. Soap Café

SoapCafé is a true find in Malta as a unique shop promoting natural handmade and eco friendly beauty products for all budgets. The dedicated and fun loving team are virtually pioneering the research and use of the best local produce and rich minerals that this lovely Mediterranean island has to offer for the production of natural soaps, lotions and balms
– My Guide Malta

65, St Dominic Street, Sliema

7. My Melts

My Melts are based on the island making them the perfect gifts in Malta and were created by Anastasia (beautiful name!) Abela. She created scented melts in order to lift people’s moods and help them make their house a home. Her melts are hand made, created from 90% soy bean and 10% vegetable fat. –

4, Triq Nicolò Isouard, Mosta, Malta

8. Te Fit-Tazza

Te fit-Tazza was founded in 2015 by Andrew Farrugia and Craig Macdonald, two friends with a passion for design and all other things beautiful. Both artists believe that Malta boasts a wealth of identity. This is seen in the way locals act, interact and present themselves, both socially and visually – Times of Malta

108, Manwel Dimech Street, SLM1610 Sliema

9. Yana’s Jewellery

Yana’s Jewellery, was founded in 2011 by Yana Azzopardi a self-taught jewellery designer with a fuelled ambition to design vibrant and feminine jewellery pieces. Yana’s jewellery does both handmade customisable designs and also has a range of pre-designed pieces
– Malta Today

Yana’s Jewellery, Triq Misrah il-Barrieri, Msida

10. Saz Mifsud

Saz Mifsud’s first solo exhibition is a young artist’s take on the vivid colour and movement of Maltese scenery, from luzzijiet, to the ubiquitous gallariji, found all over the island. Today she lives and works in Malta, merging art and fashion by digitally printing her own paintings and photographs on fine silk garments in brilliant colours
– The Independent

55, Triq Il – Kbira, Tas-Sliema

11. Joe Xuereb Sculptor

Joe Xuereb is self-taught and has been carving Malta’s globigerina limestone for the past 27 years. Joe has exhibited abroad extensively, and his work is represented in various art galleries in the USA and Europe and has been reviewed in international art magazines. Today, Joe runs his own gallery – Indulge Magazine

Ta’ Peppi, Triq il-Baħħara, Għajnsielem

12. Saliba’s Gold and Silversmith

Saliba’s Gold and Silversmith are craftsmen manufacturing fine quality filigree jewellery. We have inherited over 100 years of tradition, as our family business can be traced back into the 19th Century and the methods used to create each piece of filigree are still based on traditional filigree making. Gaetano Saliba is the owner of the company and has nearly 40 years of silversmithing and filigree making experience. Today, Saliba’s Gold and Silversmith plays a key role in keeping the filigree trade alive in Malta.

13. Souvenirs That Don’t Suck

Everyone knows that souvenirs do little more than sit around and gather dust. Souvenirs That Don’t Suck, a cute little shop in Sliema, decided to change all that, and now offers alternative souvenirs that you’re going to want to buy (even if you’re not a tourist) – Lovin Malta!

108, Manwel Dimech Street, SLM1610 Sliema

14. Malta Chocolate Factory

A day without chocolate is a day without sunshine! That’s the motto stuck on one of the walls of the Malta Chocolate Factory which opened in Bugibba – Lovin Malta!

179, Triq Sant’ Antnin Street, Bugibba

15. Mdina Glass

Producers of stunning items to furnish your home such as candle holders, vases and centrepieces, each piece is unique as it is produced by artisans who not only blow the glass but shape it by hand, too. –

Crafts Village, Ta’ Qali

16. Ceramika Maltija

This is Malta’s oldest ceramic workshop and a place where quality hand painted earthenware can be bought.


17. Meridiana

I loved this wine – the whites were crisp and refreshing and the reds confident and classic – I’m pretty confident that Maltese wines in general and Meridiana in particular will be on everyone’s lips before long. –

Meridiana Wine Estate, ATD 4000

18. Sam Cremona – Olive Oil

This is no easy project to orchestrate, and he’s got his hands full being the conductor, but the olive oil I was able to taste makes all of his hard work worth it.

Triq Il-Madonna Ta’ L-Abbandunati, Wardija

19. Arnold Grech – The Beekeeper

It’s so light, refreshing and sweet but with the subtle zing of citrus; absolutely divine and by far the best honey I’ve ever tasted. It really is Maltese gold!

20. Maduma

MADUMA is the Maltese word used to refer to a single floor tile. Driven by the local trade of tile layering, they digitalise the Maltese floor tile-inspired patterns. Using the silk-screen method they are bringing the patterns alive on 100% organic cotton t-shirts. They have dedicated MADUMA® to keeping local trades alive through a range of products, including stationary and even face masks.

21. Byebrucinar

“Byebrucinar” brand was created by Ebru Cinar Erdogan in 2016. She has been reflecting her inside world on framed fabric using the inspiration from modern world topics. Artifacts of her toil are represented on fabrics and canvases with a mixture of embroidery, textile printing, acrylic paint, etc. Her work, evidence that the traditional aspects of life and modern world so-called clichés can coexist, is mainly focused on framed fabric. –

22. Heartspace

Heartspace Apothecary (healing the body + spirit) offers botanical creations that are crafted in mindfulness and gratitude with the purest ingredients available from our Maltese land. Their creations consist of smudge sticks, incense blends, candles, healing kits and crystals.

23. Terrazzo Home Décor

The terrazzo home decor collection is designed by interior designer Jennifer Abela. The collection consists of home décor pieces that are handmade, so each piece is unique in its own way. Each piece is made with an acrylic & resin based material, which does not contain solvents or volatile organic compounds (VOC) making each piece of the collection unique in its own way & more kinder for the environment. Custom orders are available upon request. –

24. Candle Co.

Candle Co. is a small female-owned business based in Malta that creates unique, outstanding and homemade wooden wick candles just for you! Our exclusive candles utilize only the highest quality ingredients and components, certifying a candle made up from sophisticated, phthalate-free fragrance oils + pure essential oils from around the globe.

25. Joseph Busuttil – Handmade Lace

Opened by Joseph’s grandfather a century ago, Joseph Busuttil Hand Made Maltese Lace sells lace primarily from Gozo, made out of linen or silk.
Without a demand for the craft, and with the only remaining artisans decreasing in number, what does the future look like for handmade bizzilla, we wonder? -

26. Birgu Blue

Birgu Blue is a one-of-a-kind, independent boutique, that’s also a workshop and atelier. Here, designer Ozzy Chien curates an eclectic selection of accessories ranging from hand-stitched leather accessories, eco-luxe perfumes, luxurious silk scarves, batik cushions, bags, homewares, and limited-edition prints.

66, Triq Hilda Tabone, Birgu

27. Birgu Candlelight Company

Birgu Candles are handcrafted and inspired by the sights and scents of the beautiful islands of Malta. Hand-poured natural wax along with divine fragrance notes, the wax consists of rapeseed and coconut, and is free from paraffin, palm, beeswax and synthetic additives. These artisan products have been carefully designed and designed to light up your senses, creating a long-lasting and unmistakable aroma sure to compliment any setting.
Birgu Candlelight Company, Triq San Lawrenz (Beneath the steps of St.Lawrence Church)

28. Find The Door

Find the Door is an artisanal boutique, a creative workspace and shop showcasing a large collection of items, made by hand and sourced by artists living in Malta. Housed in a beautiful house in the Collacchio area in Birgu, this had once been a historical bakery. The boutique sells unique curios, souvenirs, artefacts, home decor, jewellery and many other interesting products. These handmade items are made using natural materials made from and inspired by the Maltese Islands.

27, Triq It-Tramuntana, Birgu

29. Golden Island Ltd

It is primarily involved in the managing of a number of small apiaries in Malta and Gozo for the production of quality Maltese honey and beehive products. Golden Island Ltd is also involved in the manufacture of infused honeys with dried fruits and nuts as well as herbs. Our products range also includes honey wines (mead), pollen, propolis, royal jelly, honey sweets and bees wax candles. We also produce jams, marmalades, conserves, products with olive oil, carob and sea salt. We also offer hampers for various occasions containing our cottage produce as well as natural cosmetics and bees wax balms.

Znuber, Il-Mosta

30. Heritage Homes of Malta

Heritage Homes has created a series of landmarks that highlight the Maltese Islands, from the humble rustic farmhouse to the ornate majesty of the Royal opera house. Each miniature in the series is hand made by master craftsmen and hand painted by a team of professional colorists.

78, Crafts Village, ATD 4000

31. Astrattico

Astrattico is designed by a Digital Art & Design student Luigi Muscat Filletti. Astrattico challenges this pre-conceived notion by producing high-standard, unique abstract works of art which are set at competitive prices to offer top quality at a genuine price tag. The collection of Astrattico artworks boasts unique and exclusive standards – all paintings are originals and all prints are produced in extremely limited quantities to ensure that the purchaser is investing in a valuable work of art. –

32. Cardsy

Medieval sights, narrow streets, picturesque villages, vibrant colors, dominant chapels and well… the sea. Story of Malta captured in postcards.

33. Frank Wrap

Frank Wrap is a natural and reusable alternative to protect vegetables, fruits & more. It keeps your food fresh for longer and replaces the single use of plastic cling film. Beeswax and jojoba oil have antibacterial qualities that help to keep your food fresh. Unlike plastic, beeswax is a natural substance. It has antibacterial properties helping keep things clean and reducing risks of contamination. Beeswax is also waterproof, yet still breathable, protecting your food from getting wet or wilted while locking in moisture, flavour and freshness. –

34. Little Big Pie

Little Big Pie was born from the sheer simplicity in life. By drawing big inspiration from little things, the maker aspires to bring a smile (and perhaps a giggle) to the receivers of its paper pro ducts. The playful use of originally-created puns, paired with delightful illustrations make for a unique selection of uplifting greeting cards, open for any occasion. –


MIHOME aims to transform gifting into zero waste practice, at a price that is affordable by everyone. This is reflected in the brand’s production, packaging, and the product itself. –

36. NAR Candles

NAR Candles is a luxury candle and balm making line focused on quality and sustainability. Our primary aim is to deliver high-quality luxury products made with premium ecological ingredients. We encourage reusability so all our candles can be reused as balms once the wax has melted. NAR Candles use all-natural and vegan ingredients that not only fill your space with a subtle aroma but also play on the senses with their therapeutic oils and wood-crackling wicks.
All our products come in a hand-sewn drawstring bag – perfect for your next flower picking session! –

37. Chocolate District

Discover an eclectic selection of the international bean-to-bar chocolate culture, with an exclusive range of the world’s best chocolate brands. Taste the unique flavours of the islands with our artisan Authentic Maltese Chocolate collection; a true Made i n Malta product inspired by authenticity & creativity, or simply sit back and relax in our quaint cafeteria, where you can choose from a carefully curated menu of inspired chocolate drinks, real tea, and delicious coffee.

13, Melita Str, Valletta