Lower Barakka Gardens

Quarry Wharf, Valletta

The Lower Barrakka gardens

At the bottom end of Valletta we find the mirror image to the Upper Barrakka Gardens,  giving you a breather from sightseeing with a nice cup of coffee. That’s not to say there aren’t any sights to see at the Lower Barrakka gardens. Far from it. But if you come looking for a moment of respite, there is no place better suited to the task.

Commanding stunning views of the Grand Harbour, you can take in the Breakwater Bridge and sweeping views of The Three Cities. This is also the best vantage point to see the Siege Bell Memorial

Lower Barrakka Gardens – Highlights and Attractions

The garden’s centrepiece is unarguably the Sir Alexander Ball monument commemorating the first Civil Commissioner of Malta. Beautiful and imposing, the monument is designed in the neoclassical style, taking the form of an ancient Greek temple and contains numerous allegorical statues.

Besides the monument, you can also find the statue of Enea, by Italian sculptor, Ugo Attardi, as well as an arched terrace, which overlooks the Siege Bell War Memorial, also well worth a visit. 

By the entrance to the gardens is a small snack kiosk and a bar – the locals will be happy to chat – and just around the corner one of many Klabbs tal-Boċċi, or Bowls clubs on the islands, for a touch of local flavour. You’ll also find public restrooms close by, if you need them.


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