Central Bank

Castille Place Valletta

Central Bank viewpoint

The Central Bank of Malta might not be much to look at from the outside. But, located on the other side of St James Cavalier, adjacent to Auberge de Castille, it does hold court over one of the best views of Valletta.

Don’t be put off by the hodge podge of cars taking up the entirety of the parking area right outside the building. Walk through to the furthest end until you reach the fortifications and the 

From here, you will experience a 180-degree view of Valletta’s fortifications to your right, with St James Bastion right underneath you and the Triton Fountain and the entrance to City Gate further afield.  

Tilt your head slightly to the left, and you will spot the sweeping Floriana Granaries and the majestic parish church of St Publius silhouetted against the skyline. Continue turning your gaze to the left, and you will find Herbert Ganado Gardens and Grand Harbour, with the Three Cities in the distance.

Central Bank – the Ġlormu Cassar Annex

The area also offers excellent views of the Central Bank Annex that was built towards the end of the 1980s, when it was decided that an expansion to the original building was needed. 

Proposals were submitted by architect Richard England, who successfully created a modern building that showcased his trademark style while blending harmoniously with the connecting historic bastions. The building was named in honour of 16th century Valletta architect Ġlormu Cassar, 

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