Workcation—Is one in your future?

  • Are you working from your home office, dining table, lounger, couch, or bed?
  • Do virtual classrooms occupy every surface?
  • Has it been weeks since you wore a shirt with buttons?
  • Does the pizza store call you for an order?
  • Has it been months since you and the family traveled?

If you answered yes to even one of the above, it’s time for a work-learn-play-cation.

What is a workcation?

Workcation: Working, learning, and playing away from home in a holiday destination.

At one time, our daily routines centered around leaving our homes for work and school, with vacations scheduled weeks or months in advance. But with virtual offices and classrooms, we can work and learn from anywhere with an internet connection. The workcation has permanently changed how we work and how we vacation.

Today, people can work and learn from anywhere with a reliable internet connection. Remote learning and working have changed our lifestyle. Remote workers and learners are conducting business and learning algebra from the beach, remote islands, glamping sites, and bustling cities.

A balcony with a marina view or deck overlooking vineyards is your office for the day. A renowned art museum is the research site for an art history class. Dinner is fish caught that morning from Mediterranean Sea. Explore the coast or the city’s back streets when work or school is done. Comb a deserted beach, take a boat tour, photograph wildlife, walk a history trail, or sip the sundown with local wine.

Tips for success

Communities everywhere are inviting you for a workcation-learncation-playcation. Hotels, vacation rentals, and glamping grounds are re-imagining rooms, suites, cottages, and villas to make working and learning remotely merge seamlessly with R&R, exploring new surroundings, new cuisine, and plenty of fresh air. For success, you need—

  • A destination that appeals to multi-generation groups.
  • Accommodations with ample work and sleep space for everyone.
  • Reliable internet service capable of multi-simultaneous connections.
  • Easy access to activities for all interests and abilities.
  • Eateries and markets nearby.

Planning a workcation is much like planning a vacation. Decide when and where you want to go, find an ideal place to stay, book your flight, pack (don’t forget the laptop and tablet gear), and hit the road.

When your workcation brings you to Malta, contact VeryValletta. Their experts will use the ideas of sustainable and regenerative tourism to create custom, one-of-a-kind experiences for you and your workcationing group.


By:  Hotel, Restaurant & Experience Scout , Mary Charlebois .