Malta is well known for its breathtaking landscapes and the numerous outdoor activities that can be enjoyed while traveling around the island. However, trying to be sustainable while traveling around may be challenging, especially if you are here for the first time. That is why we have you covered – here are some easy eco-friendly mobility options for your travels around Malta. 

1. Use the power of your feet

The most simple one – walking. Yes, it sounds obvious, however, you would be surprised how often people dismiss this option around here. 

Walking allows you to capture every bit of the environment that you are in.  Put on your most comfortable shoes and don’t forget your backpack and water because there are a lot of mesmerizing places to check out in Malta.


Hiking is a more challenging form of walking; however, endlessly rewarding as the islands have a lot of beautiful sights to offer. Take a glimpse of the natural and historical gems that will make you feel like you’re walking through a living museum. If you are a history lover, you will be mesmerized by Malta’s monuments and ruins. 

Even though Malta is considered one of the world’s smallest countries, there is more than enough to explore when you choose to hike. 

Here’s a few trails that are worth checking. Zurrieq Loop – if you want to try something easy and fun; Marfa Watchtowers route – considered one of the most beautiful hikes in Malta; and lastly, Dingli Cliffs – quite a demanding hike with a length of 13 km, challenging but worth it as it’s the highest point in the country. 


If walking is not your cup of tea, you can consider biking. Using a bike will prevent CO2 emissions from polluting the air while allowing you to sightsee the island at a normal pace. 

There are plenty of bike rentals to choose from in Malta. 

NextBike is accessible with 60 pickup stations that are spread out around the country, meaning that the chances to find one of their bikes on your way are quite high. 

Just download the app and you’re good to go – the registration is free!

Malta’s Public Transport offers its own bike-sharing system, Tallinja Bike, with 11 docking stations that are close to museums, cafes, restaurants, and the main popular bus stops, which might be handy for you

 if you wish to follow a bigger route.

The bike can be easily turned into an electric mode which can help you reduce travel time and save physical effort, making your trip much more pleasant.

Be Green Malta and Eco Bikes Malta are two of the more eco-conscious options. Be Green Malta comes with a helmet, charger, repair kit, and a saddle bag. It is an affordable service for an amazing experience. Rent the bike for a day and you are not going to regret it. 

Eco Bikes Malta is also a good option since they similarly offer a helmet, lock, repair kit and pump. However, if  you have a child with you, then don’t worry – you can also request baby seats. They also recommend different routes with different levels of difficulty, so feel free to ask about that when you make your reservation.

2. Electric car rental

 If you want to travel in comfort and without guilt you can rent an electric car. As electric cars are becoming more and more popular, driving with less impact on the environment is becoming easier than ever.

Smarter Car Rentals offers two-seaters Twizy’s, fully equipped with 100km autonomy and free parking. The eco-cars are a good option for exploring Malta while having an outstanding experience. Driving from one attraction to the other might be a nice alternative and you have the chance to create some unique memories with your travel buddy.

If you have just landed in Malta, eCabs might be a suitable option. It’s easy to use and convenient for travels nearly everywhere in Malta. Download the app, pre book your ride and make sure you choose the “Eco” option on the app to get an electric car for lower carbon emissions. 

eCabs also have a great Malta Airport transfer service. If you travel back to your country, make sure to introduce the flight number while scheduling your trip, so that they could easily keep track of your flight and drive you there just on time.

Bolt is also a good and sustainable option if you are not comfortable driving yourself in an unknown country. The app is easy to use and your driver can be there in a few minutes no matter where you are located on the island. 

They offer different services, so if you have a kid or pet or you just want to travel in the best comfort, just easily select your options on the app. Choose the “Green” option to travel sustainably with an electric car to your destination.

3. Take public transport – Tallinja

Obviously, you can get on Malta’s public transport Tallinja, a very convenient and affordable option, especially if you try to get the most out of the islands. You can travel all around Malta with their “Explore Card”, offered for 7 days. Use it as many times as you want and at any time. Night routes are also included and can be very practical, especially if you’re into stargazing.

To find out more about the services that Tallinja offers just simply go on Malta Public Transport website and you will find information about everything: routes, cards, where to purchase your card and more.

4. Carpool with Cool

As the final option you can choose Cool – a shared and private ride service. Just like the previously mentioned taxi services, Cool allows you to travel easily around the island. Only difference is that occasionally (not always) you might have to share the space with another passenger. 

By using this app, you reduce the need for an extra car to be on the road, therefore, minimizing the impact on the local environment. Sharing is caring!

Simply choose when and where you want to be picked up and share your ride with fellow travelers who are heading in the same direction as you. You might need to wait a little extra longer to get your ride, but you can avoid it by planning your pick up in advance. 

We hope this will make your travel through Malta more eco-friendly.

Till the next time!