The Silversmith’s Shop

219, Republic Street, Valletta

You can’t visit Malta without picking up some gorgeous silver filigree work. The island’s silversmiths are renowned for the superb level of their craft, with the pieces created often featuring incredibly intricate detail.

One of our favourite silver shops lies towards the end of Republic Street, as you’re walking towards Fort St Elmo and the Mediterranean Conference Centre. The Silversmith’s Shop has been in operation for decades, each generation maintaining the high standards that have made the shop iconic.

The pieces on offer range in price, so it’s easy to pick up a lovely gift without breaking the bank. Particularly popular are the pieces depicting the Maltese Cross, so iconic to the island. Although you will find many similar items in generic souvenir shops, these are the real deal – handcrafted in genuine silver and priced reasonably.

When to go

If you’re lucky, you might find the silversmith who runs the shop working on some pieces when you visit. All jewellery is crafted on site, using the authentically traditional method, and watching the painstaking work is quite an experience. The best times to visit tend to be in the very early afternoon, right after the clock strikes 12. The shop is usually quieter then, giving the silversmith time to catch up on the craft.

Opening Hours

10am – 5pm
10am – 5pm
10am – 5pm
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10am – 1pm

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